Q. What is Hiver?

Ans. Hiver is a Facebook Commerce Maestro that knows yours need! It is a bridge between popular facebook pages and end customers. Hiver comes in two separate platforms: Web & Android.

Q. How Hiver works?

Ans. Hiver generates products from various popular Facebook pages and broadcasts it in a single platform. Hiver links the potential customer to the product owners by using its platform.

Q. Unique features of Hiver?

Ans. From a single platform user can view product price, product description, information regarding delivery mechanism, page contact with operational hours & address details with Map navigations. Most importantly user can compare & find product using trending & popular searches.

Q. How to order product using Hiver?

Ans. You can order your desired product through clicking order now button. It will take you to a conversation with respective seller via facebook messenger/website or preffered contact system of respective shops. Please NOTE that,Hiver is neither responsible for the product price & quality nor for any product delivery term. Moreover, Hiver will not be responsible for any type of damage during product delivery or any mismatch or inconsistency in products.

Q. Will Hiver take any responsibility if my ordered products are low in quality?

Ans. Unfortunately, we won’t. As we are not the owner of the products and we don’t directly sell products so that is why don’t have any liability of the products quality. However Hiver always tries to generate products from those pages who has higher user ratings & good previous backgrounds.

Q. Hiver is available in which platforms?

Ans. Hiver comes in two separate platforms: Web & Android.

Q. Being a popular facebook owner, why should I join Hiver?

Ans. You should join Hiver as it will be an alternative sales channel for. Beside you will get more potential customer traffic coming onto your page from Hiver. That's not all, your products will be showcased and compared among other similars products belonging from various Facebook commerce pages with a cost of nothing. However, Hiver has paid featured option which enables your products to be more visible among customers.

Q. What are the customer's benefit of using Hiver?

Ans. Buyers and sellers of niche products can find it difficult to locate each other in the physical world. Among the numerous Facebook commerce pages, for customers it's often hard to find the right product by ensuring customizable requirement. That is why Hiver is here to mitigate those obstacles and let you to find your desired product just by a tap of your fingertips.

Q. How contact with Hiver?